Algo Trading back office for hedge funds

Quant trading, portfolio management and CRM

Algorithmic Trading, Quant trading, Smart Order execution

  • Automate your trading strategies, ideas,
  • backtest them, optimise and run them live
  • Smart Order execution for big volumes

Integration with brokers and crypto exchanges

  • Connect your crypto exchange account (Binance, Coinbase, Kraken and many others)
  • Connect brokerage account (Interactive Brokers,TradeStation, Saxo..)
  • Monitor your portfolio assets and to execute trades

Portfolio Management

  • Implement your risk management
  • Execute portfolio rebalancing strategies

CRM to interact with your clients, investors

  • Manage your clients-retail investors base,
  • Account their deposits, withdrawals, PnL
  • Calculate and charge performance fees, management fees
  • Set lockup periods, reward referrals

We offer two engagement models

White-label and custom solution

  • We setup the service on your servers
  • Customize for your specific business needs
  • You have full ownership and corporate branding

SaaS cloud solution

  • You have an account in our cloud solution and have access to all features online
  • You don’t need to care about servers and maintenance 
  • Your clients are registered in your personal area
  • You can still run your trading strategies on your own server to protect your intellectual property