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The Earth Platform

Case study: empowering communities and conservation with our application

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Project Overview

Our journey with environmental conservation began with a mission to empower and protect indigenous forest and fishing communities, smallholder farmers, and their ecosystems. Through a versatile application, we have ushered in transformative capabilities, from biodiversity monitoring for the REDD+ carbon credit market to safeguarding coastal fisheries and ensuring sustainability and worker welfare in agriculture. Our platform also enables real-time reporting of illegal activities, including poaching, to law enforcement agencies.


  • Developing a comprehensive application to support diverse activities, from biodiversity monitoring to worker welfare verification.
  • Extending offline data collection capabilities to remote and underserved regions.
  • Enabling seamless data synchronization with the cloud.
  • Integrating daily satellite imagery from Planet to enhance monitoring and reporting.

Our Solutions

  • Versatile Application: Our application serves as a lifeline for indigenous forest and fishing communities, smallholder farmers, and their workers. It facilitates vital activities such as biodiversity monitoring, coastal fishery protection, and worker welfare verification.
  • Offline Data Collection: We extended offline data collection to even the remotest corners of the Earth, ensuring that critical data could be gathered and utilized where connectivity is limited.
  • Cloud Integration: Our platform offers automated synchronization with cloud resources, simplifying data storage and accessibility.
  • Satellite Imagery Integration: We seamlessly integrated daily satellite imagery from Planet, providing up-to-date visuals that aid in conservation efforts and illegal activity detection.

The outcome? A powerful application that empowers communities, safeguards natural resources, and contributes to global conservation efforts. Our commitment to innovation and sustainability drives us to create solutions that make a difference, no matter how remote or challenging the environment.

If you’re passionate about conservation and ready to make a positive impact on our planet, get in touch with us today to explore how our solutions can be tailored to your unique needs.