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Case study: market making and HFT scalable architecture

  • Fintech
  • Market Making
  • Crypto Trading

Project Overview

Our team undertook a transformative project in the finance and trading sector, where the need for speed and scalability was paramount. The goal was to create a robust, high-frequency trading platform capable of handling millions of records daily. Leveraging cutting-edge technologies, we engineered an architecture that met these demands.


  • Handling a massive volume of trading data efficiently.
  • Implementing comprehensive strategy automation.
  • Ensuring seamless backtesting and paper trading capabilities.
  • Achieving lightning-fast order execution.
  • Implementing smart order execution algorithms.
  • Managing iceberg order execution to optimize large trades.

Our Solutions

  • Scalable Architecture: We designed and implemented a highly scalable architecture that could effortlessly process millions of trading records per day, ensuring real-time data availability and processing.
  • Strategy Automation: We automated trading strategies, enabling traders to execute orders swiftly and precisely. This automation significantly reduced manual intervention, minimizing errors and enhancing efficiency.
  • Backtesting and Paper Trading: Our platform included robust backtesting and paper trading functionalities, allowing traders to evaluate strategies in simulated environments before going live.
  • Order Execution: We achieved rapid order execution, ensuring that trading decisions were executed within milliseconds, which is crucial in high-frequency trading.
  • Smart Order Execution: Our smart order execution algorithms were designed to optimize trade execution, providing traders with the best possible outcomes.
  • Iceberg Order Execution: We implemented iceberg order execution techniques to efficiently handle large orders while minimizing market impact.

Technologies Used

Our team employed a tech stack tailored to meet the specific requirements of this high-frequency trading platform:

  • Node.js: For fast and event-driven backend development.
  • React: For building a dynamic and responsive user interface.
  • Kafka: For real-time data streaming and processing.
  • MongoDB: As the database to store and retrieve trading data.
  • Docker: For containerization and seamless deployment.
  • Kubernetes: To orchestrate containerized applications and ensure scalability.

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