Platfom for Algorythmic trading on cryptocurrencies market. Apply AI/ML to create profitable trading robots

Challenges TalanTrader solve

  • Manual Live Trading is outdated
    • Fear, greed and biases are the main reasons why traders fail and lose money
    • 99% of trader’s decisions can be automated
    • Trader is not able to trade 24h a day and misses ⅔ of trading opportunities
    • Traders are not able to consider all important indicators and signals
    • >80% of all trading transactions comes from Algorithmic Trading
  • Trading Strategy optimisation takes months
    • To optimize trading strategy a manual trader has to perform hundreds of tests in live time
    • Trader has to test strategy on different assets, timeframes, markets
    • It take months before a trader understands if his strategy is profitable or not

Automated Trading Platform with AI/ML

  • Automated Live Trading
    • Algorithmic trading eliminates human emotions that prevent investors’ behavioral problems in holding losses for a longer time and selling profitable securities too early
    • Robot analyzes market, indicators, price action, and makes the most optimal buy/sell decisions
    • Artificial intelligence and machine learning analyzes historical data to find patterns and optimal parameters and maximize profit/risk ratio
  • Trader helper and strategy tester
    • Allows to tests trade ideas on historical data to eliminate poor trading ideas and retain the good ones
    • Identify if the strategy is profitable or not
    • AI can find the most profitable parameters and assets for the good strategy

Target Audience

  • Traders, Investors
    • To improve trading performance and remove fear and greed from trading decisions
    • To automate their daily trading routine
    • To get passive income on high volatile crypto market
  • Hedge Funds, Banks, Wealth Managers
    • To backtest and improve their trading strategies
    • To find and automate new profitable strategies
    • To automate trader’s manual work
    • To get access to Crypto market
  • Exchanges
    • To provide additional service for their traders

Detailed visual analysis of all strategy trades

Different performance parameters

detailed report about each deal